My pregnancy started off much different from I ever expected it to. Kevin and I had been trying on and off since getting married and had faced our share of issues with infertility. We had decided in the Spring of 2016 though that we were going to get serious about it again for the next year and see what happened. So we began working with my doctor trying to make my body ovulate and such. The end of September/beginning of October we thought my body wasn’t responding to the meds anymore and were having an off cycle. At the end of October I took a few pregnancy tests which all came out very very negative (spoiler alert I was actually about 5 weeks along at this point and didn’t know it).

     So my doctor then prescribed a medication to cause another cycle to start. After taking it for 10 days nothing happened. We waited 10 more days and still nothing. I called my doctor just before Thanksgiving to ask them what they thought might be going on. We all just thought that my body had stopped responding to the Clomid and Provera. They asked me to go get a blood test to confirm that I wasn’t pregnant and then we could try something different. Fast forward to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, I’m sitting at the front desk at work and my cell phone rings. We were quite slow so I quickly answered it as I knew it was my doctor. I immediately asked her “So what are we trying this time?” Her response?

“We thought we would try being pregnant!”

     I just kinda brushed that off and was like yeah I know but how? That’s when she said the words I would never forget. “Jessica, your beta results came back and you are pregnant. I would estimate about 5.5 weeks pregnant as your beta was quite high.” After I caught my breath we quickly scheduled my first ultrasound for the following Tuesday and then I got off the phone to take care of a customer quick. Once I was finished with that customer I just sat there with tears running down my face. Thankfully no one was paying attention. That night after work I stopped and picked up a digital test. I knew that the blood test was more accurate but I needed to see it for myself.

Never been so happy to see one simple word!

Just a few days later though I started experiencing cramping feelings. With my history I decided to play it safe and called my OB. She wanted me to come in that day. With as high of a beta that I had and not knowing exactly how far along I was they wanted to be sure that this pregnancy first off wasn’t ectopic and they also wanted to check for multiples. Unfortunately Kevin wasn’t able to leave work that day for the ultrasound so it was just me. I have never been more scared. I truly felt like this was the beginning of the end of this precious miracle that we were given. The ultrasound tech was fabulous and assured me that the chance of us seeing much with me being only about 6 weeks along was very slim so we shouldn’t worry if we didn’t see a heartbeat. Almost as soon as she started the ultrasound she looked at me and asked “Are you sure you are only 6 weeks along?” When I told her that was what they estimated she said sweetheart you are 9 weeks. She then turned up the sound on her machine and I heard the most beautiful sound. We had a strong healthy heartbeat of one perfect little peanut!


     Just a few days later we had another ultrasound (the one we had originally scheduled when they called to tell me I was pregnant) and this time Kevin got to come along. Watching his face when she turned up the sound for the heartbeat was absolutely priceless! Our peanut was nice and strong at 173bpm.


     A few weeks later we had our niece Breanna take these photos for us and we were able to announce to all of our friends that we were expecting (we had already told family). Christmas had defiantly come early in the Lermer Household!!!!!!


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