The fact that we found out about our little peanut very late in our 1st Trimester meant that before we knew it we were safely in the 2nd Trimester and were able to start relaxing and getting excited! Due to our struggle with infertility and such we were blessed with several ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy. Usually they were just quick glimpses to check to see how the little one was growing and check heart rate. We loved watching our baby grow and took advantage of getting a chance to see our little peanut anytime we could!

14 week ultrasound!

At about 16 weeks we were notified that because of my health concerns we were going to have to deliver at Toledo Hospital instead of St Luke’s Hospital due to Toledo having a level 1 NICU. At that point it was just a precaution, just in case anything were to go wrong they wanted me to be at a hospital that could safely take care of both me and the baby. Unfortunately this meant I needed to change doctors as well. Luckily with my Aunt Carol’s guidance I was able to easily get into a very good OB/GYN practice that delivered at Toledo Hospital and was transferred under the care of an awesome Doctor.

A few days before my first appointment with my new doctor we got to go have our anatomy scan. Our little peanut was doing somersaults in mommys stomach that day. She very eagerly showed us that she was definitely a girl much to our surprise. We actually were planning on waiting till she was born to find out if she was a boy or girl but she was very willing to give us a view of that. However she wasn’t allowing us to get a full view of her heart just due to how she was laying. They had me get up and walk around a bit and jiggled my stomach around in hopes to make her move but she was perfectly content where she was and refused to move. So we had to schedule a repeat ultrasound in about 4 weeks which was fine by us as it was just another chance to see her.


We went back and forth on whether we were going to share that she was a girl or not but daddy wasn’t able to keep a straight face for longer than 5 seconds when we saw my parents that evening so we decided to share the new with everyone that weekend. Just a few days later we got to go in and meet our new doctor. At this point we were 22 weeks along and the last 13 weeks had flown by with little to no issues….but at this appointment it was all about to change.

The first thing we did at this appointment was to do an ultrasound. Even though we had just had one 3 days prior the doctor wanted one done in their office for their records also. Everything looked good with baby and daddy asked them to double-check and make sure she was still a girl….she was! Lol! One of my favorite pictures from that ultrasound was one they were able to get of her feet.


After the ultrasound we went back and met with the doctor to go over family history and the pregnancy to date. He then checked weight and all that fun stuff. When it came to time to check my blood pressure he noticed that it was elevated. I have always been one to be nervous when at a doctor appointment and on top of that with meeting the new doctor we thought it to just be nerves but he wanted to keep an eye on me. He asked me to come back in a week and a half to be double checked just to be sure that everything was ok. We left that appointment still blissfully unaware of what our future would hold.


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