(***This update and the next one are going to be very word heavy and lacking photos. But the one after that will have Madison’s birth story and begin to tell her journey. So soon there will be many photos! Please bear with me.***)

The week and a half before my blood pressure recheck we were very busy. Besides work we also had found a new place to live and had signed paperwork and began the packing process. Our plan was to move in the day before Easter. The weekend before that both Kevin and I took Thursday and Friday off work to get some serious packing done that weekend and start getting stuff moved over to the new place.

That Thursday afternoon was my blood pressure recheck so after spending the morning working on stuff around our apartment we headed to the doctors. Neither of us really were worried about this appointment. To us this was just a precaution thing and nothing that was a serious concern. However when they took my blood pressure it was even higher than what it was at the office the last time. The doctor looked at us and told us that unfortunately we were going to need to go to the hospital to the maternity ward to be evaluated and figure out what was going on with my blood pressure.

So we headed home to pack some things and then head to the hospital. I was terrified at this point. I knew that we were 24 weeks along which meant that officially we were viable and they would do everything possible for our baby but I knew it was too early. After talking to my Aunt (who used to be a NICU nurse and is the mom of a former 28 weeker) she assured me that this didn’t mean baby was definitely coming. They just wanted to check both us out.

I ended up spending 3 nights in the labor and delivery unit before I was finally able to be released. They were able to finally get my blood pressure under control with the help of medication and my tests came back as negative for pre-eclampsia. We were able to have our 2nd anatomy scan to double-check baby girls heart while we were in the hospital and everything checked out ok and she seemed to not be phased too much. They did notice that my fluid levels were a bit low and encouraged me to take it easy and try to hydrate as much as possible in the coming weeks to try to fix that.

I was finally released on Sunday afternoon with instructions to basically be on bed rest when not at work. When I was at work I was to be taking it easy. I had a fantastic job and worked with great people who were awesome at helping me when I needed it (even when I was too bullheaded to ask for help). The weekend after I was in the hospital My parents and brothers helped Kevin move us into our new place. I was allowed to sit and watch and tell people where I wanted stuff put. It drove me crazy but that is what I had to do for our little girl.

From the time I was released from the hospital till April 5 I was seeing my doctor each week for blood pressure checks and I was also taking my own blood pressure several times a day at home. I had strict instructions to call immediately if my numbers were ever above a certain level. They got close several times but weren’t over. However on April 5 I went in and had an abnormally high reading. I had just tested at home before leaving for the appointment and had something completely different. In order to get a better handle on the situation my doctor ordered a bunch of blood tests to try to get a full picture. He also did this to try to show me that I needed to be readmitted.

I admit it I can be a bullheaded person. But I felt great. All those things that they tell you that you should watch for with high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia I wasn’t experiencing. I also didn’t want my baby to be born this early. So on the 5th we left it at if the blood tests came back wrong I would go to the hospital the next day once we had the results.


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