I called off work on April 6th so that I would be at home and waiting in case the doctor needed me to do something else once we got all of my blood work and such back. I spent the day relaxing and trying to unpack a bit while still taking it easy. That afternoon I finally received a call from my OB. The news wasn’t good. My blood work showed that my body wasn’t responding well to my blood pressure being high and this could start to put baby at risk. It was time to pack a bag and head back to the hospital. I called Kevin home from work and we headed in.

Once we arrived at the hospital I was once again hooked up to the monitors and IV. My blood pressure was even higher at this point so I was then started on Magnesium. Magnesium is used for people with high blood pressure to help relax the body. It is used to help prevent seizures. The one downside to this miracle drug is that it means I was now stuck in bed for as long as I was on the magnesium. The doctors also wanted Madison to be continuously monitored. The nurses and us got a good laugh out of that. Our little girl was good at moving out-of-the-way right as the nurse would get her on the monitor and then we would have to start all over again. Sometimes spending 40+ minutes trying to find her on the monitor. Luckily that first night we had the amazing Jenna in L&D (a familiar face from our first hospital stay) who helped keep me as calm as possible even when my child wasn’t cooperating.

After looking over all of my numbers and my blood work it was decided at this point delivery of Madison was going to be imminent. The doctor on call then came in to talk to us about steroid shots, which we gladly agreed to. Steroids are given to moms who are at jeopardy of early delivery in order to try to mature the babies lungs. They are normally given 24 hours apart and 2 shots are given. However due to how high my blood pressure was (at one point we were over 250/140) they chose to do mine 12 hours apart and speed up the process. With my pressure so high there was a serious risk to both the baby and I. We were monitored very closely. At the first sign of trouble we would take the baby. The plan was to keep me safe through the night and to deliver baby first thing the next morning.

The next morning after getting my 2nd steroid shot the doctor came in to talk to us. They had gotten my blood pressure under control overnight so they wanted to hold off on delivery for the time being. They also had Maternal-Fetal Medicine come upstairs to do an ultrasound and check on Madison. She was doing well and wiggling all over. However at that time she was sitting breech. This meant that we were going to need a C-Section should we need to deliver in the immediate future. They also ordered tests to check my kidneys and heart. This was done with an ultrasound and both checked out ok. However randomly that afternoon I got a toothache that was some of the worst pain I have ever felt. No matter what I did, I wasn’t able to get relief. Finally the doctor was able to prescribe some Tylenol 3 for me and the pain went away. However I did provide some comic relief that night for my husband and the nurses as it seemed to make me a tad loopy.

Friday morning (April 8) came along and I was feeling ok. My pressure was stable through the night. My tooth was no longer hurting. At this point my biggest complaint was that I was hungry and sick of laying in bed (remember I was on magnesium still which meant I had to lay in bed and I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything as they were unsure of if or when I might need surgery). The doctor came in for morning rounds. He was happy with my pressure numbers and felt that we could start weaning me off the magnesium and allow me to start eating. The new plan was that they were going to try to keep me pregnant for 7 more weeks, but that I would be staying in the hospital until I had the baby. The doctor left my room as did Kevin to go call our families and let them know that we were going to hold off in delivering the baby (they were waiting to hear from us before heading for the hospital). I began to relax and feel like we finally had this under control. I began thinking about what I might order for breakfast (mind you at this point I hadn’t had food since Tuesday and it was now Friday). Life seemed like it might start to slow back down again and I allowed myself to imagine living in a hospital for a brief moment……………………………..Until Dr Bishop ran back in my room with a worried look on his face and informed us we were having the baby today!


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